vegan cheese sauce


Vegan cheese sauce 3 ways – to be used as fillings for quesadillas, toppings for potatoes, a base for pasta, and much more. Confession: Before going plant-based, 75% of my diet consisted of cheese 😬. Although I no longer eat cheese, that doesn’t mean I don’t still love that cheesy taste! Nutritional yeast has been one of my favorite discoveries during the past five years, providing an umami flavor and scratching that cheese itch. In this blog post, I’ve created vegan cheese sauce three ways. They all have a base of soaked cashews and vary in the spices and herbs added in. The great thing about this base is that you can customize it! Adding in different flavor profiles will keep this fresh and can be used for so many different recipes. Try them on pasta, potatoes, quesadillas, and so much more. Classic Vegan Cheese Sauce The classic vegan cheese…