Dig into a healthy hearty, protein-packed salad with a creamy tahini -balsamic dressing that will keep you satiated all afternoon. Sad salads are the worst. I want to know whose idea it was to throw some iceberg lettuce in a bowl with carrot shreds and call it a day. Seriously, it gives salads a bad rap. And what’s worse is that so many restaurants claim to have a “vegan option” and then you find out that it’s some soggy lettuce with a bad vinegar dressing. I’m not here for it. What I can get on board with, especially now that the sun is making an appearance, is a hearty, protein-packed salad. There’s a bowl-making place in my town that I recently discovered and have had to restrain myself from going there every day. They have fresh produce, roasted veggies, protein options, and endless toppings. So good. It’s similar to the…